Why We Take Fun So Seriously

Dreading to go work out is quite a common phenomenon among many gym-goers. We know the feeling and wanted to do something about that. At Base Gym we, therefore, incorporated “fun” as a part of our company core values and defined it as one of the key elements that define our classes. Read on to learn why we take fun so seriously and how you can incorporate the fun factor into your own workouts routines.

Move to the beats

Music makes you move! It’s as simple as that. If you´re ever in that lazy afternoon mood where you simply can’t get stand the thought of getting yourself to the gym, try this simple trick (which we, by the way, use a lot in our classes): put on a high-energy, upbeat song that you really love (we´re talking Sean Paul´s “Temperature”, Black Eyed Peas´ “Pump It” or J. Balvin´s “Mi Gente”)  on full volume and notice what happens in your body, your energy, and with your mood. Use this both before and during your workouts to really get you going – you´ll thank us later.

Make it a social thing

Having someone to work out with really brings that “fun factor” into a workout. Not only because it’s nice to meet up with friends anyway but because you usually find a way to push yourself a bit harder when you have an “accountability partner” when training. We at Base Gym always encourage members to bring friends or family to our classes and to stick around in our Fuel Bar to socialize and hang out after class. Knowing that the workout will be something more than just pure exhaustion surely makes it more pleasant to repeat it.

Play with things

Allowing some room for play often helps in keeping motivation high when training – either on your own or in a group. In your own workouts, try playing around with some new variations to old moves and see what fun combinations might occur – oh, hi there squat-with-a-burpee…-jump? This is how our Base Gym trainers work as well; they´re playing around to find new moves that can inspire and motivate you. Since our trainers get to build their own classes, our classes always have an element of “newness” and fun in them. You never know exactly what you´re getting, but it will always be hard and always fun. Now, that’s what we call a recipe for a great workout.



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