What Makes a Base Gym Class So Special

Have you ever wondered what the best way to shape and build your body is? Two words: Resistance training. Resistance training is a form of exercising where you move your body against any external force that makes a movement harder to perform, for example using dumbbells or a machine such as the Baseline. Read on to learn what you need to know about this form of training and why we at Base Gym have specialized in this.

“Even doable for a couch potato”

“This is very intense for a couch potato but honestly, it’s really a top workout. You can fully customize the training to your own level, and the trainer is always encouraging you, so you really get the maximum out of it. I’ll be back!”  The quote is from our member, Kimberley, who before the training was a bit nervous about training on this new machine as she thought it could be too difficult for her. She found herself, however, enjoying the workout a lot because she could scale things down to her own level using the activation knobs on the Baseline, all while getting good support and guidelines from our trainer.

“Muscle-soreness guaranteed” 

“I´m thinking that I´m aching that much after, it must be good for you”. These are not our words but the words of the first-timer, Marquise, in our studio, and she was absolutely right – yes, it is hard and yes, it is good for you. The BaselineTM machine is designed with activation knobs that add resistance to any movement in order to gain strength, improve anaerobic endurance and tone the body – in a highly efficient way. Because we work under tension the whole time and you can adjust the resistance to your level, you are almost always guaranteed some post-workout muscle soreness. This is also the case even as you get stronger because you can keep adding resistance every time.

“Time flies when you´re having fun”

Since everything about this machine is new for most people and all the movements require a lot of attention, many members feel that the 45 minutes on the machine goes by very quickly. “I felt I kinda spaced out a little when I worked out,” one girl commented and added: “Probably also because of the music and the dimmed lighting. I just had a lot of fun, and all of a sudden we were done!”  High-energy music, enthusiastic trainers, and challenging exercises are indeed elements that characterize a Base Gym class, in addition to a whole lot of fun.

“Complete workout in 45 minutes”

Many of the exercises on The Baseline are compound, multi-muscle exercises, meaning you work more than one muscle at a time. This means that the workout becomes highly effective in terms of training effect. “I felt this was a complete workout in little time, not only because of all the exercises we did but also because of working many different muscles at one – for example in the plank ride I felt I used my arms and shoulders just as much as my core!” one of our members commented after having done Build Your Base (link) for the first time.



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