Tips for quarantine workout motivation

Many of us are now in week 3 or 4 of “quarantine life” due to governmental regulations related to the COVID 19 virus. The unexpected “restriction of freedom” is for many taking its toll on motivation in general and perhaps workout motivation in particular. We have gathered some tips that might help you get a motivational boost in these times we are in.

Don´t be too hard on yourself

First of all, remember that some physical activity is better than no activity at all. Our first tip is, therefore, to remind yourself to not be too strict on yourself. Now is not the time to set personal records in bench press or getting buffed and ripped for the summer; rather focus on doing what you can with what you have instead of setting unrealistic goals that demand too much of you in the situation you are in. Do a little and be happy with yourself.

Find a “project” and set a goal

Nevertheless, one might still see this time as an opportunity to work on things one normally does not have time to work on, for example, mobility, flexibility, technique or new methods of training. Maybe now is the time to finally get into cardiovascular training or get that first strict push-up in? For this, we recommend setting a goal that can “drive” you through these weeks; a goal that excites you at least a little bit. 

Set a schedule

For this, you need a schedule. It can, for example, be “every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 09.00 I will practice my push-ups” – or you can even follow our live workouts on Instagram, which are 30-minute high-intensity training every day during lunch hours. Be committed to your schedule and reward yourself for following it.

Have an accountability partner

Having someone that relies on you is another great way of sticking to your workout schedule. Make an agreement with a friend that you will hold each other accountable for a workout routine; you notify each other when the workout is completed for example with a little selfie through WhatsApp or Instagram. Getting that smile and a thumbs-up from a dear friend will provide motivation in itself!



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