How To Boost Your Home Workout Routine

Working out from home doesn´t have to be boring or ineffective. Yes, it might require some creativity to really get the sweat, pump, and pulse going but getting a “great workout” in from your own living room is definitely within reach. Read on to learn how.

Go for high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT is a training method where the aim is to go “all-out”  in short, intense bursts of strenuous exercise followed by a short rest period. The most common type of HIIT is probably the “Tabata intervals” where one works intensively for 20 seconds, rests for 10 seconds and repeats for at least 8 rounds. This type of training has been found to not only work your aerobic and anaerobic performance and increase fat-burn but it also ramps up your Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), also known as the “after-burn”. This means you are burning calories even after the workout is done. HIIT is a great way of getting the maximum out of your home workout as it requires nothing more than just an unapologetic timing device (we recommend SmartWOD) and a kick-ass attitude.

Use your partner

If you live with someone; good for you – you can use him or her to train together! Try to plan for a workout that actually requires two. That way you also have an accountability partner; if one of you feels lazy one day and wants to back out, the other can drag him or her along to still get that workout in. Here are some examples of fun partner exercises:
  • Back to back partner squat: for example, 10 reps x 3
  • Plank with a clap facing each other: for example, 1 minute work, 15 seconds rest x 3
  • Pistol squats while holding hands: for example, 10 reps x 3 on each leg
  • Wall-sits, while the other does tricep dips on the partner´s knees: for example, 30 seconds work, alternate positions and go directly into the next exercise, repeat for 4 rounds

Try eccentric isometric training

Eccentric isometrics is doing a “negative” part of a movement very slowly followed by a “hold” at the bottom – much like how we train on the Baseline. Training this way is an excellent way to make your bodyweight workouts a bit “spicier” and is also a good way of actually getting stronger because of the added tension to the working muscles. You can incorporate this training method to almost any bodyweight exercise. For a push-up it could look something like this:
  • Do the eccentric part (descending to the floor) on your toes and the concentric part (getting back up) on your knees.
  • Try counting to 5 as you go down, pause at the bottom, place your knees on the floor, and when you’re ready; push yourself back up.
  • That would be 1 rep – do for example 5 x 4, three times a week, and your strength will for sure improve.

Use your furniture and other props

There is also the option of spicing up your home workouts by using your furniture. Yes, you read that right – your couch, coffee table, chairs, sliding rugs, you name it – all of this can be incorporated into your routine with just a little bit of creativity. This not only brings some fun into your workout but it can also provide that extra, sought-after weight which puts additional stress on your muscles in a better way than what bodyweight exercises can. Here are some examples:
  • Deadlifting your couch: Wait, what?! Yes, trust us – this actually works. Stand on of the short ends of your couch and perform a deadlift by lifting your couch up from the ground; shoulders contracted, straight spine, and lift with your glutes and legs. Depending on your strength level (and the weight of your couch), do sets of 5-10 repetitions in 3 or 4 sets.
  • Tricep dips on your coffee table: Place your hands on your coffee table with arms fully extended and legs on the outside of the floor, either bent or extended. Bend your arms as you drop your hips down to the floor on the outside of the table. Do sets of 10-20 reps x 3.
  • Sliding exercises with an old rug: If you´re longing for the Baseline, we have an option for you – use “sliders”! By this, we mean anything that can create a sliding movement to your feet or even hands, like for example, an old rug, a towel or wool socks. Examples of typical Baseline exercises you easily can do with your own “sliders”: Sliding pike plank: 8-12 reps x 3
  • Sliding lateral lunge: 8-12 reps x 3 on each leg Sliding hamstring curl – either single leg or both legs together (this is a burner!): 8-12 reps x 3
Go ahead and give it a go, and if you´re still lacking some inspiration, head over to our Instagram account, BaseGym_HQ, for live workouts, “panel talks”, tips and much more.


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