New Around

Whether you’re new to exercise, or stashing gold medals in your closet. If you want to feel energized for your everyday life, book results, have fun or connect with like-minded people, the Base Gym is the place for you. We know that your first trip anywhere can be a little discomforting, so read on to make sure you arrive prepared and ready to get your base on! Set yourself up for success!

What do I need to bring?
Get your grip on. Always bring anti-slip socks for the workout. Bring your own or get the official grip-socks at the Base Gym for €7,50. Besides don’t forget your enthusiasm, workout clothes, smile and ‘work hard’ attitude.
As a first timer, what should I consider?
Show up 15 min early to meet the Base Fam. They will set you up for success and introduce you to the ins and outs of our wonder machine, the BaseLine. We know you’re desperate to kick ass and book your first class, but easy on the trigger. To learn the basics, the Build your Base class is the perfect way to start. Please don’t go for the Break your Barriers class first, cause we don’t want to call it Break your Back class.
I’ve not trained before, will I be okay?
Definitely, all our instructors are experts and will look after you. Let them know about any physical limitations or injuries. They’ll give you the explanation and safety instructions of the BaseLine machine and prepare you for the best hour of your day! Besides the Break your Barriers class, all classes are designed for everybody, beginner or advanced, young or old, fit or not so fit (yet).
How often should I train to see results?
In general we recommend 3 sessions a week to really make it work. You can chose the classes which fit your goal best. You can start to feel a change after 3 sessions. If you are serious and dedicated, expect to see results after approximately 10 sessions. This place will change you if you let it.
Do you have food and drinks?
We make the best and most creative protein shakes, which can be pre-ordered before class. They will be waiting for you after your workout at our Fuel Bar to refuel your passion. If you join the 7 or 8 AM club, we also have yoghurt with homemade granola for you to grab on your way to the office and hey don’t forget our Rotterdam Coffee to go. Off course all plastic free #bodybaseagainstplastic
Are there showers?
For sure, equipped with Rituals shower gel so you leave the place smelling good and ready for the rest of your day, or night. We also have a blow-dryer and straightener to get you from wet to wonderful.
Should I bring a towel?
Our towels are included for use, so you don’t need to carry your own around. After class you can throw it in our ‘sweaty towel’ barrels.
What happens if I’m late for class?
If you are a regular and not too late, you can always join in. You probably rushed to the gym and had your warm-up done anyways. But we don’t wait for you.
How do I buy a session or membership?
Buy a package or membership at the Bodybase Studios website.
Can I cancel a session?
Yes you can, but bear in mind; we have a cancellation policy. If you forget to cancel you lose a session.
What happens if i don’t show up?
We would be sorry if you lose your session.