Hi! It's me, Mirjam! You can call me Mimi. I'm half Dutch and half Surinamese. I work at the Base Gym as a group lesson instructor and as a Personal Trainer. The people that joined my classes know that I’m very silly and I like to make jokes during class. (No, we’re not really going to do 85 burpees in 50 seconds. But your faces are all too priceless. I can't stop.) Sometimes I can be strict but believe me, that is because I often see that there’s so much more to give than you show and I want you to discover that yourself. I want go get the best out of you. I want you to leave the gym sweaty, with a big smile on your face and I want you to come back for more dirty rides.

It has only been two years since I started my fitness journey when I lived in Turkey for a few months. It took me out of a dark place and I want you all to feel that exercise is really one of the most important lifestyle behaviours that can dramatically influence overall health, particularly your mental health. I’m now a sport nutritionist-, sport psychology- and coach student in Belgium and I just started my own small company ‘Lowkeyfit’ which arose from the idea that everyone should feel comfortable to start doing sports, regardless of their age, their experience, ‘disabilities’ or anything else and also that it’s not just a salad and tomato life nor about being in the gym 24/7. It’s about your own goals and balance. You can go to your parties, enjoy good food and drinks and still be fit! I want to be an example and show you that being healthy should not be a punishment, it should be fun!

Besides all sporty sport things, I have some huge other passions. I love to travel (35+ countries and counting) and to learn as many languages as possible. I studied French and Sign Language and I'm now learning Turkish. I like to party and to drink cocktails. When I'm home alone I like to write, play the guitar and the piano and to listen and dance to my guilty pleasure music.