Yo! I am Henriette, Master Trainer at Base Gym and I get a kick out of helping people perform at their best. I´m a business consultant, now turned personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. My fitness background mostly revolves around being an athlete and coaching other athletes; I started off with 5 years of track & fields, followed by 5 years of kickboxing, and the last 9 years have been devoted to strength training, powerlifting, and CrossFit competitions. Within the world of fitness, resistance training is my biggest passion, as it is the only way to build a strong body, and often times also a resilient mind. I have now taken this knowledge to the Base Gym, and with more than 500 hours of group classes on the Baseline I have gained valuable insights on how to build great workouts and classes on this impressive machine that is designed to “do it all”. My job now consists of bringing out the best of what the Baseline and our super-trainers have to offer but more importantly; it consists of bringing out the best in YOU. The three of them combined make up one hell of a workout and that’s what I ‘m here for!

My favorite move: The Peanut Butter Jelly! Not only because it builds a booty (helloo gainz), but also because it’s great for core stability, lower back strength and shoulders. And besides it looks badass.

My favorite quote: Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.

Fun Fact: I am three-time Norwegian champion in kickboxing (but I could never hurt a fly)