The remedy to boring gyms

"It is our mission to change the way you work out. In today's busy life we want to guide you, to push you, to entertain you, and to make you feel part of a community to take you where you want to be"

An inspiring boutique Gym

Base Gym, a cool, inspiring, high-end boutique location like you’ve never experienced before. A gym with personal attention, individual service and sweaty, high energy workouts with a designer interior. The neon lights and DJ-tunes contribute to the Club-atmosphere of the gym to motivate and to let you forget about your everyday struggles for 45min. At the Fuel Bar you can binge on a protein shake as a reward. Base Gym a place to meet and refuel #bodybasenation.

Reformer on steroïds

This is not reformer pilates! At the Base Gym we introduce a new, smart, fun and effective workout method for all levels; where fitness meets our own in-house developed machine, the BaseLine. A reformer on steroids. This fast paced, high intensity workout will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, puts your metabolism into overdrive, builds muscles and rapidly makes you burn fat. The BaseLine targets almost every muscle in every exercise. Life is short, so work out smart!

An epic blend of cardio and strength on our baseline machine for every level

It's a lifestyle

Life is short. Work out smart.

In a busy, fast-paced world, we want to inspire & motivate you to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Fuel your passion @ our Fuel Bar

No shake. No gain. Binge on our indulging protein shakes for muscle recovery, to enhance your performance, as a meal replacement or just because they’re too good to be true. Cocktail lovers? Then go for a healthy version of the Pornstar Martini, our very own Pornstar Proteini. Meet us at the Fuel Bar. It’s addictive!